FAQ for Job Seekers

Do I have to quit my present job? Is it required that I work exclusively for Allure Medical Staffing, Inc.?
No. Many of our nurses are full or part-time employees of other organizations. They are just looking for additional work to supplement and increase their current income. Many just desire a better work-life balance. Of course, you may wish to work for us full time, especially once you get to know us and after you experience all the many benefits of working for Allure Medical Staffing, Inc.
What will my salary be?
Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. has the most competitive pay rates in the industry. The current pay rate reflects and tops the industry’s standard.
How often does Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. pay its employees? How do I get paid?
Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. pays every week. The work week starts on a Friday and ends on Thursday. Checks are issued every Friday. Daily pay can be arranged if necessary. You can pick up your check on Friday, or we can mail your check to you. Direct deposit into your bank account is also available.
Is Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. the employer of the staff you send to your contracted facilities and hospitals?
Absolutely. You are a W-2 employee of Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. We do not use independent contractors. Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. assumes responsibility for payment of all wages and tax issues. We withhold federal and state income taxes for you. You are fully covered under Worker’s Compensation, Disability Insurance, and Unemployment.
Will a representative of Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. be available around the clock?.
We are always here for you – 24hours & 365 days a year. One of our friendly service representatives or clinical specialist are available to assist you every hour of every day. Even holidays, no exceptions.
Where will my assignments be when I am working for Allure Medical Staffing, Inc.?
Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. has client facilities throughout Southern California. Our service areas include: North San Diego County to Los Angeles County. Our coverage stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Inland Empire.
What are the requirements to apply for a position with Allure Medical Staffing, Inc.?
  • A minimum of one year experience, in your area of expertise, is required.
  • You must possess a valid California nursing License, or certificate as applicable.
  • Your CPR certification must be current.
  • You must have any other professional certifications for your area of expertise, such as ACLS etc.
  • Authorization to work in the United States (I-9 documentation) is mandatory.
  • You must have current health records.
  • We are a drug free work place and you must demonstrate that you are drug free and be able to pass drug screening.
  • In addition, you must be able to pass a rigorous background check and have at least 2 acceptable employment references.
How soon can I get my first shift?
All the above requirements must be met and completed before you can be scheduled for your first shift. It includes pre-employment drug-screening, annual TB screening and health clearance. Criminal background check, employment references, credentials check, and other required documents. You begin working immediately, once the conditions are met.
Does Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. require an employment contract?
No. When applying to work with Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. you need to complete our application packet, which includes an agreement that you accept to adhere to our Policies and Procedures. You are never mandated to accept any shift; You are free to pick and choose any assignments that are offered to you. You can maintain the work-life balance you desire. We ask that you inform us of your availability and when you want to work and we schedule you accordingly. As long as you keep your credentials up to date, we keep you busy, when you want and where you want to work.
There are several registries out there, why should I work at Allure Medical Staffing, Inc.?

Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. has been in the healthcare staffing business for over 15 years. So many other registries have come and gone. Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. has stood the test of time with a phenomenal track record of unparalleled service to its employees and clients. We are committed to the long-term success of our employees; our success is based on your success.We have a very good reputation in the industry for providing competent staff to our client facilities.. We believe that we have a duty to our employees and customers. We strive for excellence in all our operations. Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. maintains a strong commitment to the people we serve and is dedicated to developing that relationship.

Health insurance is available for full time employees. As a full time employee, you are also eligible to participate in a matching simple IRA. Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. actually adds additional money to the amount you’re saving for retirement. Our company pays its employees well. You are paid weekly, or sooner, if necessary.

How do I apply for work with Allure Medical Staffing, Inc.? Where do I get started?

You may also apply online:  ONLINE APPLICATION

Or Just call our office now at and you’ll be directed to one of our friendly staffing specialists. The recruiter will guide you through the application process and schedule a face to face interview, at your convenience, so we can get to know each other better. Of course, any questions you may have will be addressed. You may also email us at: hr@ams4nurses.com to set up an appointment or ask any questions.

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