Hiring Requirements and Screening Process

Allure Medical Staffing, Inc. is looking for fully credentialed, well-trained and thoroughly screened nursing and health care professionals. Does this description fit you?

We require our nursing staff and non-medical personnel to have experience in their area of expertise. We utilize skills checklists and a proficiency profiler to ensure accurate placements.

Client specific screening protocols may be arranged:

  1. Valid and current nursing license and or certificate verification with the State of California and hard copy documentation
  2. Current CPR card
  3. General and Criminal background check
  4. Drug screened and Drug free
  5. Professional liability coverage for all health care professionals and general liability coverage for unlicensed personnel
  6. Acceptable return on reference check from previous two most recent places of employment
  7. Written evaluation within 30 days of assignment
  8. General interview with a recruiter
  9. Recent physical by a licensed physician, stating employee is in good health and free of signs and symptoms of communicable disease
  10. Negative PPD or a Chest X-ray series of Hepatitis vaccines, MMR immunization records
  11. Two letters of reference within last 12 months of employment
  12. A minimum grade of 80% in NLN approved Competency test
  13. JCAHO approved training in -Body Mechanics – AIDS/ Hepatitis B/Blood Borne Pathogens – Infection Control/Universal Precautions – Fire and safety (all modules are age specific)
  14. General knowledge in Pharmacology and calculations appropriate for their specific classification
  15. Infection Control Training
  16. Demonstration of Knowledge pertaining to Client information Safekeeping and Compliance in HIPPA regulations training
  17. Face to face interview with the DON or a clinical management team representative

You can work immediately after clearance! Would you like to submit your details and be part of our applicant pool? You can do it online. Please fill out our Online Application Form to get started on a successful career with Allure Medical Staffing, Inc.

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